I haven’t posted on this blog since 2009, when I was first preggers with my son Henry (see previous post).  He’s now 14 months old and the most beautiful, amazing person I have ever known!  I feel bad that I chronicled my troubles with fertility and then, as soon as I got pregnant, didn’t keep up with the blog.  I want to remember my pregnancy – it was very easy, to be honest – and, of course, my son’s first year, which I have recorded in photos and videos.  That said, enough of this.  I’ll write down everything I can remember about the pregnancy and everything I can remember about my son’s first year.  Further, we’re now trying for baby #2, which I will also account for here.  Looking forward to keeping track.


Countdown to 12 Weeks

November 13, 2009

A couple of days ago, some of my symptoms suddenly disappeared – I didn’t feel sick, and my energy felt like it came back.  The strong food aversions and cravings disappeared.  I got nervous and left a message for my doctor.  This morning, I felt like I was going to throw up again.  OK, talked to the nurse anyway.  She said it’s not uncommon for the symptoms to go away around 10-11 weeks.  She also said she hears of people losing their symptoms, then feeling cramping and bleeding and miscarrying.  She basically said there’s nothing that can be done either way, so there’s no point in panicking.  I haven’t had any bleeding, and only minor cramps.  They feel more like pangs, which I hope are “round ligament pain,” the feeling of the uterus stretching.  Now that the vomity feeling is back, I feel worse, but better in knowing the nausea is a sign the pregnancy is progressing well.  A week from tomorrow, I will be at 12 weeks and the chances of miscarriage drop significantly then.  Counting down the days…


10 Week Pregnancy Update

November 8, 2009

The kid’s name is Blueberry Olive. First it was just Blueberry because one of the emails I got a while back from whattoexpect.com said the baby was the size of a blueberry. A couple weeks later, it said the kid was the size of a medium green olive. Ironically, I cannot get enough of medium green olives at the moment. My husband had to buy three jars of them: two for me and one for him since I keep eating all of his.

Attached is the 9-week ultrasound. The doctor said she could see another sac in my womb – that one empty – which means there was another baby that didn’t develop, a twin. She said it’s very common at my age (37) to drop two eggs.  I thought all these women over 35 were having twins because of fertility treatments, but she said it’s also very common to have multiples as you age because the body drops more eggs at a time each cycle.  As for the twin that didn’t develop, I feel OK about it, as long as there is one viable kid in there.


Blueberry Olive floating around...

I am actually 10 weeks along at this point. Can’t wait for the next two weeks to be up for multiple reasons: not as sick, not as tired, and way less likely to miscarry. We have already told our close group of friends. I really hope all is well.

How has pregnancy been so far? Interesting. I am surprised some women are able to do this multiple times. I feel nauseous almost all day long. It’s not typical nausea, as in I’m not throwing up, but I feel all day as if I’ve just gotten off of a boat. I am tired, but not EXHAUSTED like some people say they are. That said, I am resting whenever I get a free moment, but I don’t know if I’m doing that because I have to or because I know I should. I’ve been working a new job with really long hours and so after work I go straight to bed. I’ve found the nausea is easier to manage if I’ve had enough sleep and if I eat little snacks constantly.

Speaking of eating, I have, as previously mentioned, been addicted to green olives and anything else that is acidic and sour like that. Pickles, mustard, that sort of thing. Also, I am a pescatarian who has not eaten meat for years. About two weeks ago, I went to dinner with some friends and the only thing that sounded good to me was a filet mignon. I ate it and it was delicious. Since then, I’ve been on a meat rampage. No chicken, but beef. Wow. Yesterday, my husband took me for ribs. Sadly, I am still somewhat morally opposed to meat, so I feel guilty in some senses, but I’ve never had my body tell me SO CLEARLY what it wants. Blueberry is a carnivore. I’ve also been craving dairy – been plowing through cottage cheese at home. I have aversions too. My sense of smell is keen and I can tell if something’s turned. When we went to the rib joint, I couldn’t stand the smell of the restaurant. Had to wait outside for the take-out.

What else is going on? My boobs are still sore. And they’re big (for me). My stomach is starting to grow and my waist is widening out, mostly because I am eating constantly and not exercising (I am terrified of miscarrying. As soon as the 12-week mark hits, my walking regimen begins.). It’s hard to find anything to wear because I’m too big for my usual stuff and too small for maternity clothes.

I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, which I never used to do.

I’m scheduled for genetic testing in two weeks. Because of the empty sac in my womb, my doctor does not recommend amnio or CVS tests for me unless highly necessary (they could scrape the wrong sac and get the wrong genetic information). Instead, we’re doing what’s called a BUN test, which is 90% accurate and is the only kind of genetic testing done in the UK. It involves blood work and a high-resolution ultrasound. If it comes back a-OK, my doctor is not going to recommend amnio or CVS. Somehow, I feel once I get past the next two weeks, the baby is fine.

Any kid who can withstand the hours I’ve been working is a survivor! By the way, the doctor said the long hours are OK as long as I eat constantly. And for some reason, I think it’s a girl. I have no idea why…



I took my temperature Monday morning and it had dropped way down.  I had read in Taking Charge of Your Fertility that a drop in temperature could be a sign of impending miscarriage due to low progesterone.  I called my doctor’s emergency number and she said not to worry and that as soon as we got the blood test results from Sunday, she’d know exactly what to do. I appreciated her being so accessible and cool.  Her nurse called me later and was irritated that I was still taking my temperature.  She has given me attitude related to this subject before.  Sometimes medical professionals don’t like when we take our care into our own hands.  I don’t know about y’all, but I like to be as informed as possible.

The doctor called me with the results on Monday night and, lo and behold, my progesterone levels WERE low.  She said I needed to start taking progesterone immediately and called in a prescription.  I picked it up right away and started taking one pill a night.  The last two mornings, my temperature has been back up.  So we’re over the hump of getting pregnant.  The challenge now is staying pregnant.

Let’s make that happen, mkay?

I’m starting to feel the slightest bit nauseous and tired these days.  It’s good to feel the symptoms, even if they are not the most comf.

More later.



Had what I thought was going to be my “first prenatal doctor’s appointment” today.  It was actually too early in the pregnancy to do an ultrasound and all that.  My doctor had wanted to see me as early as possible because she wanted to do a full pelvic exam, including pap smear, and then draw blood because “at 37, you can often get pregnant, but it doesn’t stick because progesterone levels are too low.”  I have been taking my temperature every morning to be sure my progesterone levels haven’t dropped (as long as it stays high, according to Taking Charge of Your Fertility, your progesterone level is good).  This morning, the temperature was still high.  The doctor felt this was a good thing, but will be determining the actual level of progesterone (maybe it’s still not enough even if the temp is high – I don’t know) tomorrow and will call me with the results.  She said if the progesterone level is low, she’ll give me progesterone by mouth.

The other reason she drew blood is to get the actual HCG level in my blood, which can tell her exactly how far along I am.  HCG is the hormone that shows up on a pregnancy test when you pee on the stick, but the blood test can get a lot more specific.

Needless to say, the appointment freaked me out somewhat.  I have no reason to think things aren’t OK, but the whole age thing is a bummer.  On one hand, people (even doctors) tell  you you’re a spring chicken.  On the other, they have to take all sorts of precautions as a result of your age.  On the insurance form that they gave me, it says “pregnany – high risk.”  I know it’s just language, but it’s all a bit scary.  That said, what will be will be.

She also said she didn’t want me reading a “shitty book” and gave me a book from the American Obstetrical Association.  I think I’ll switch to that one from What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which isn’t so wonderful.  It doesn’t suck, but it doesn’t really work for me.  The doctor also gave me a helpful little card to put in my wallet that says what fish are safe to eat and what are not, and what over the counter medicines are safe to take.

Results in tomorrow.  Until then, trying to feel good!



Holy Shit, I’m Pregnant.

September 30, 2009

I was expecting my period Thursday, September 24th and decided that if it didn’t come Friday, I’d take a test.  Friday morning, my husband and I were at a hotel in the Bay Area for a wedding.  We woke up and I checked the sheets (gross, I know) and nothing.  I took my temperature and, not only was it high, it was higher than usual when it’s in the high range, if that makes any sense.  So I already suspected something was up.  We went to breakfast with some fellow wedding guests and they drove us to Walgreens afterward for toothpaste and shaving cream, which had been confiscated at the airport.  We debated whether or not to buy a pregnancy test because I was afraid to be disappointed.  My husband said to get one because if it was negative, I could get shitty at the wedding.  Good point.  Anyway, we decided to go for it.  When we got back to the hotel, housekeeping was cleaning our room, so I went to the bathroom in the lobby.  I had to pee so badly from all the decaf I drank at breakfast that I ripped the test open and read the instructions as quickly as I could.  I stuck the test on the floor and, two minutes later, saw the faint plus sign.  I couldn’t believe it.  I brought it out to show my husband.  I was doubtful as I didn’t want to be disappointed.  But even on the instructions, there were plus signs that looked just like mine, with one line fainter than the other.  It wasn’t the first pee of the morning, so the HCG might’ve been somewhat diluted.  We decided to take another test Sunday morning when we got home.

The wedding was great.  I didn’t drink, obviously, and didn’t feel any different.  We went home Saturday night and I went out to CVS and bought a test.  Sunday morning, woke up, took my temperature (still high) and peed on the stick.  And that’s the picture I posted on the previous post below.

Since then (it’s only Tuesday now), the only symptoms I’ve really felt are tender boobs and an occasional feeling of queasiness after I eat, but not nearly to the point of sickness.  In fact, I even googled “pregnancy no symptoms” to see what the hell was going on.  Fortunately, I saw multiple people “complaining” of the same thing.  Only tender boobs, but nothing else.  The thing is…I keep wanting to be sure I’m still pregnant.  What an odd thing.

My first doctors appointment is Sunday.  Until then, eating right and chillin’.